Noël Dernesch – Another Reality

"Noël Dernesch and Olli Waldhauer’s powerful documentary opens a window onto a parallel world where the law of the jungle prevails." (Cineuropa/Muriel Del Don)

About the Film

Agit, Ahmad, Parham, Kianush and Sinan - five men with different backgrounds and different lives. They do, however, have one thing in common: they are, or were, to a greater or lesser extent nestled in the structures of gangs and large families that operate under the radar in the grey zones or completely outside the law. In social discussions, their everyday realities are quickly waved away with catchphrases like "parallel societies" and "criminal clans.“

ANOTHER REALITY doesn't only show the external structures of this world that runs according to its own rules, but goes deeper into the coherencies and everyday realities of the protagonists. For example, Ahmad from Berlin doesn't want to give in to the temptations of easy money that are part of his daily existence, while Parham from Essen turned his life as a street thug into a music career and is enjoying success as a hip-hop artist under the name P.A.°

In the more than three years of filming, Noël Dernesch and Olli Waldhauer became astoundingly close with the five men. Agit, Ahmad, Parham, Kianush and Sinan willingly and honestly shared their experiences, desires, and fears, as they confronted the contradictions of their lifestyles and how they deal with the consequences of their actions.


2019, Locarno Film Festival, Semaine de la critique, Official Selection
2019, DOK.fest München, Audience Award
2019, DOK.fest München, Short List Best German Documentary
2019, Spezialpreis Schnitt Filmkunsttage Sachsen-Anhalt
2019, Preis der Jugendjury Festival des Deutschen Films Nantes

  • with Agit Gündüz, Ahmad Srais, Kianush Rashedi, Parham Vakili, Sinan Farhangmehr, Adam Srais, Alaa Srais, Assad Abou Chaker, Bassel Sarris, Hamza Sarris, Hamudi Nasralla, Hassan Sarris, Hischam Srais, Hussein Abou Ezzah, Khalil Abou Ezzah, Khalil Chetouieh, Mehdi Simmo, Mohammed Srais, Serhat Erdal, Tallal Hassan
  • directed by Noël Dernesch and Olli Waldhauer
  • Director of Photography Friede Clausz, bfk
  • Editor Gesa Jäger, bfs
  • written by Olli Waldhauer, Noël Dernesch, Jörg Offer, Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer
  • Producer ELEMAG PICTURES Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer
  • Producer COGNITO FILMS Dario Schoch & Rajko Jazbec
  • Producer IT`S US MEDIA Ben Föhr & Max Penk & Hakan Çirak
  • Producer 27 KILOMETER Pacco Nitsche
  • Commissioning Editor Dagmar Mielke (rbb), Andrea Ernst (WDR), Urs Augstburger (SRF), Sven Wälti (SRG SSR)
  • Sound Sebastian Löffler, Kai Hesselbarth, Johannes Doberenz, Fabian Schneider, Christoph Wonneberger, Jörg Kidrowski, Hubertus Müll
  • Focus Puller Tobias Sebastian Kownatzki, Thomas Handtke, Kai Lachmann, Frederik Tegethoff, Flu Popow, Konstantin Wolkenstein
  • drone shots Olli Waldhauer
  • Dramaturgical consultant Anne Fabini
  • Preliminary Editor Jamin Benazzouz
  • 1. Assistent Editor Jessica Rudolph
  • 2. Assistent Editor Alfredo Castro
  • 3. Assistent Editor Arata Mori
  • Color Grading Benedikt Hugendubel
  • Production Assistent Stella Wejchert, Paul Laaß, Sabine Kaps
  • Sound Editing and Design Guido Keller
  • Sound Mix Magnetix Studios
  • Additional Sounddesign Jacques Kieffer
  • Foley Artist Olaf Simon
  • Foley Editing Olaf Simon
  • Foley Recording Rainer Gepardt
  • Foley Premix Gina Keller
  • Re-Recording Mix Guido Keller
  • Editing and Grading Facilities Studio Mitte Video
  • Inhouse Producer Ute Aichele
  • DI Supervisor Tobias Schaarschmidt
  • DCP Steffen Görner
  • Titles Sven Züge (Filmgraphik), Ollie Peters, Data Wrangler, Martin Lübke, Alexander Fischenich, Janine Pätzold, David Ossa, Hannes Beßler, Oliver Baune
  • Translator Jana Wand, Muntaser Hakmi, Alaleh Rayan, Yvonne Helal, Babelfisch Berlin
  • Production Manager Rainer Baumert (rbb), Jorge Bogalho (WDR)
  • COGNITO FILMS Line Producer, Dario Schoch, Production Assistent, Theresa Berres, Andreas Elsener, Milutin Kostic
  • Accounting Hansjörg Bachmann
  • Cognito Films thanks Roshi Behesht Nedjad, Sarah Born, Adrian Witschi, Nicole Biermaier
  • IT`S US MEDIA Many thanks to Cinegate GmbH: Tilo Meuser & Sebastian Enke
  • Producer 27km Pacco Nitsche
  • Producer La Mosca Bianca Dirk Manthey
  • Compositing Artist Folke Arnecke
  • Post coordinator 27km Malte Schlieker
  • Special thanks to our lovley Inga Suhr
  • Music Composer Beat Solèr
  • Instrumental PA Sports // Music: Zinobeatz // Text: instr. // © 2019 Edition KD-Beatz der Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Germany) GmbH / EMI Music // Publishing Germany GmbH
  • Fick den Richter // Capo // Featuring Dú Maroc & SadiQ
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  • Der Song fickt meinen Kopf // Music: Niza
  • Noël und Olli thank Janice Kretschmer, Tanja & Karl Waldhauer, Monica Dernesch-Boss & Gabriel Dernesch, Dora & Werner Waldhauer, Leander Kouparanis, Boone Chatta, Urs Schupp, Christian Haberer, Holger Leidig, Jörg Offer, Adrian Witschi, Florian Opitz Jihad Fakhro, Jan Krüger, Jamin Benazzouz, Dagmar Mielke, Andrea Ernst, Anne Fabini, Mosh 36, Moe Phoenix
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  • A Production of ELEMAG PICTURES
  • in Co-Produktion with COGNITO FILMS, IT`S US MEDIA & 27 KILOMETER
  • in Co-Produktion with rbb, WDR und SRF / SRG SSR
  • in collaboration with ARTE
  • With the support of Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, BKM, medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Bundesamt für Kultur (BAK), Kulturfonds Suissimage